The future of mobile commerce now,
delivered in a more local and personalized way.

Welcome to AdaptMe™. With access to its expansive library of MobileSites™, the AdaptMe™ app connects you with businesses in a new and exciting way, eliminating the need for individual apps and seamlessly weaving within your everyday life.
Our Consumer Solution
We provide an adaptive mobile commerce experience, tailored to you. AdaptMe™ makes your life easier by offering a unique and rewarding mobile connection to your favorite businesses. We’ve managed to eliminate your need for endless, traditional app downloads by replacing them with a single-login portal to all of our MobileSites™.
Single, secure login
Single, secure login
for thousands of
Everything in one cart
Everything in one cart
with a single checkout
Thousands of stores
Thousands of stores,
entities, and personalities
at your fingertips
You control push
You control push
notifications through your
account settings
New, fast, highly intuitive
New, fast, highly adaptive,
and easy to use
100% cloud-based data
100% cloud-based data
transmission saves memory
and battery life
Our Merchant Solution
We provide a highly accessible mobile commerce solution that connects you to consumers in a simple-to-use and cost-effective way. Our MobileSites™ make your business more efficient by eliminating the time and cost of developing your own app, not to mention upkeep. Instead, we do all the work and you receive a 100% mobile-only, cloud-based system that is fast and intuitive. AdaptMe™’s future-now system provides your business with the mobile touchpoint for consumers that before its time, had only been available to the largest companies.
Native Mobile Site
Native MobileSite™
with access to your own editor and dashboard
Media Slider
Media Slider
to post images and videos
Direct mobile access
Direct mobile access,
to customers
Promote and push
Promote and push
notifications to your customer base
You keep 100%
make you more money
24 features and functions
24 features and functions
to promote, sell, and interact with users
Our Technology
As mobile commerce activity soars and continues to become a dominating part of everyday life, we’ve determined that a new solution is needed to more easily connect consumers with businesses. AdaptMe™ introduces a new technology and mindset to mobile commerce. Our technology solves the problem of overkill in the industry, by creating an entire network of products and services at the same cost and effort of traditional, singular apps.
Our Company
We are Adapt Inc., mobile visionaries and developers of the AdaptMe™ app. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we are a software company that has created a scalable, mobile commerce platform-as-a-service. Our new cloud-based MobileSites™ eliminate the need for merchants to develop and maintain their own physical app, resulting in a seamless and more personal connection of consumers to businesses.
Meet The Team
20 S. Santa Cruz, Suite 300 Los Gatos, California 95030
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